Two years ago today…

..I found out you were gravely ill.

Two years ago, I had the most unimaginable and panicked day of my life.  (Even when compared to one of the hardest days before, September 11, 2001.)

However, that year in 2016, I began to love you ALL that much more intensely; as I was outright TOLD our days together were limited and not able to be counted.  (Not that they weren’t before), but this placed the arrow on the far end of an inevitable timeline.

The picture above is merely a title of sorts, to many poems, and perhaps a book that I could easily write about our time together.

Gerry,  I KNOW that you know, how much you were loved by me.  I only wish that this simple fact, made me miss you less.

You filled my empty heart, and I am forEVER grateful.

Run free boy!

Run without pain my Bo; RUN!

Mommy loves you always….I hope you know this.


About danielle

I am a rescue mom and school teacher. Gerry came to me from Texas, after he "failed" as a hunting dog. He had NOT had an easy life. I was three years divorced, and we saved each other. Last week I learned he has osteosarcoma. Our world feels upside down...while everyone else is right side up.
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2 Responses to Two years ago today…

  1. jerry says:

    Awwww what a beautiful thing to say on such a bittersweet day. It’s not an easy one, for sure, but you’ve managed to dig deep and find the gifts that such a serious situation can drop into our life. Gerry is no doubt proud of his mamma.

  2. danielle says:

    I have to tell myself, that, “I hope so.” I try very hard to be in THAT state of mind, as opposed to the state I Actually live in, NY. (Har, har…sarcasm helps me ‘deal’).

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