the weekend brings perspective….

It’s late Sunday night and I have to stop feeding Gerry by midnight (as IF he would be eating around then) as he may have to have some blood work tomorrow during the consultation.  I’m glad to know that I won’t have to leave him at the hospital…but will have some “time” to absorb what gets presented to me next.

Gerry has been so GERRY the last two days, with the decrease in meds, and the natural healing that two weeks can bring.  I was reminded today that the RUSH is over…I know it’s OST…and now I get to decide what Gerry will have to go through (much like NOT having the biopsy) and now (hopefully) when he should/can start getting this medication…I’m hoping he’s back to his happy self because an (unbeknownst to me PAIN is GONE from his body) and that MY energy is much more chill and positive.  It’s off to bed soon!