The truth, Ruth!

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What I have learned so far….

Adopting Boo has made me an extra vigilant observer.  I don’t know much of what she has been taught, or not taught, and so, with this Extra energy youngster I have learned a few things so far:

  1. I think she has been blind and alone (on and off) for much of her life, as her behavior in playing by herself involves spinning and “looking” for others.  She will look to me to play tug of war games, and growl a dominant, “It’s mine'” sort of growl at times.
  2. She is SO awake for the first hour of being taken out and eating, but then will fall into a lap, or go back to her crate to crash for a while.
  3. She is VERY adaptable, considering she has been in my house for a week and a half, and then had to “learn” my parent’s home for the holidays, and she GOT IT!  She used textures, and my, “Step,” directions for the two stairs that they have in their ranch style house.  Here at her permanent home she has to navigate outside, two steps, turn right, and then complete four more steps (which she likes to take in 2 steps!) to get to the ground.
  4. I was happily impressed that she adapted so quickly, as well as being a happy traveler in the mini van.  We put her liner and a bed in the back, behind the driver’s seat so I could watch her throughout the trip.  She had a KONG with a bit of peanut butter to get her interested, and then she curled up and slept for the rest of the way!

She is NOT Gerry-like in many to any ways, and I’m glad for that.  He knew I needed anew challenge and character to love and care for.  He chose well.

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Sleep in heavenly peace…

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Late December

David was introduced to a “family dog” through my family.  Gerry was the first dog he ever got to know in a home, and he liked Gerry, and then he Loved him.  Since Dave is  home most days, he and Boo have their own time together.  I love this photo of them I took today, Saturday.  They are both asleep (now) as I type this.  We’re having a James Bond Film Fest for Christmas 2018.   The expression on Boo’s face always shows how she feels…safe, feisty, mellow or sleepy.






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Day 5 (Sunday afternoon in the Hudson Valley)

David took this on her first morning here.  He put it on Facebook, which I don’t ‘do’.  She does a lot of staring in an upward position.

      Well it’s raining like crazy outside, and it hasn’t turned icy thankfully.  Big surprise, Boo wasn’t interested in the rain, but did go down the stairs and do her business.  She’s getting used to them well.  I say, “Step,” each time there is one (two, turn right, “wait'” four more, “good girl'”.  She has gotten to know the door, front steps, the grass to her immediate right, or across the driveway.  She’s walked the ‘loop’ around the house, and met one of her dog walkers on Friday. Believe me when I say, she’s been sleeping on the inbetweens.  So many things to learn!  She has grown to like certain toys better than other and was playing by herself this morning, which was very heartening to see.  She doesn’t seem lonely, and she LOVES the sound of David coming into the room.  It’s adorable.  Gerry was much more mellow.  He’d thump the tail, but no body shakes!

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