Okay, so here’s what had happened!

This September, not surprisingly near the day Gerry’s got his wings, although never leaving me.  I saw a dog in a large No-Kill shelter on Long Island, and was very curious about  two older dogs.  No one ever got back to me, and I started thinking about how far away I was to “the Island”.  I emailed another person, and finally a manager called me.

     Long story short, the only thing that got accomplished was that  I’ve since diverted my monthly donation to Perfect Pets Rescue  They were a group my dog walkers recommended to me, and I made sure my walkers still had availability open to include another dog.  It wasn’t until Kathleen told me that they did, that I let myself go and meet this adorable dog.

This fall I saw a pet possibilities, but by then it was mid-October and as the weather was getting colder, so were my feet.  I assured the manager of a group of foster families that I would stay in touch.  My application was now approved, and for a year I would have the benefit for first consideration to spontaneous phone calls.

I’ve spent the day moving boxes from the floor where they had no business being, but were THERE regardless…for at least a year or more…I’ve bought a crate, washed a liner, (made an inadvertent mess with water in the basement while I RUSHED around, did laundry and tried to clean out door furniture, just FINALLY coming indoors!

I’ve done an ample amount of research, tips,and experience related stories, and have been NON-Stop thinking ever since.  (Have I mentioned I’m in heaven?)


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Yeah. What’s up with that?

Happy turkey day all!

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First NEast coast snow..

I was glad to have a day off from work, due to the snow, but made the sad realization while shoveling, that I hadn’t been to a certain part of my yard that lead to the back, in a LONG time.  The bush is totally overgrown, and had I still had a reason to “walk that way”, I would have noticed and trimmed it before the fall turned to winter.  It choked me up a bit to realize I hadn’t noticed, for lack of reason….I miss you boy, and will make sure I tidy up our walkway once I can.  Mama misses you…I dreamt last night that I had “forgotten” to get up and let you out for a walk even though I didn’t have to get up for work.  As much as it hurt, it means you’re STILL in my heart.  Hope you get some snow to romp around in under that rainbow!

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D@mn $tr@ig#T !

Can you say that about any human….girl or boy?

I think not.

I may be a biased woman who rescued  a yellow Lab, but that’s just me. 🙂

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