Happy Father’s Day

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Wednesday Wisdom!

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“Eww La Laaaaa…”

Boo, due to her predisposition, is a natural ‘jumper upper’ when you get home.  Only David’s, “Off,”  works.  Not mine.  I have to walk around and ignore her While saying “Off,” until she gets calm enough to say hello without ME getting scratched!  Gerry would meet me…bu he Never jumped on anyone….Ever.  I never appreciated that trait…or thanked the Lord that he didn’t.  “I wish that I knew what I know now., when I was younger.”

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You may see me in this…. :)

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Last day of April thoughts….Earth Day

How can you not love a lab?

This is how I felt in September of 2018.

With the addition of a new dog ‘in need’ that I firmly believe, Gerry sent to me..I don’t feel this way so much more.

I’m relieved.  Thank you, boy. ~ love, Mom

“It’s been a long year since you’ve been gone
I’ve been alone here, I’ve grown old
Fall to pieces, I’m falling
Fell to pieces and I’m still falling
Every time I’m falling down
All alone I fall to pieces….”     Velvet Revolver
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JhsUFuqbCM    (copy/cut/ paste for video)
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