Before…after…What Boo has Fun With….


     SO!  Remember that “basic of “goodies I had here to welcome Boo?  Here’s (only a portion of) what it looks like now.  the only pristine item, the water bottle, hasn’t been used yet!  The crinkle cow fainting out of the crate is actually her SECOND one, once she realized she could break the seams and pull the fluff out of it’s head.  She has still not destroyed ‘crinkle lamb’ and still really loves bringing it to me just to pull from her.  The doggie bags…well, you know.

     On the floor are a set of KONG lions.  My mom got her one for Christmas, she lovde it to death, I found another on Amazon, and  is well on her way through it.  Little does she know she has a KONG Frog waiting for her when these get damaged beyond repair.  The horse shoe and “bone” are Gerry’s that she LOVES.the green purple people eater toy in the back ground had a body the squeaks. It’s the only thing I’ve found that she hasn’t been able to destroy!  I anyone is interested in the four different breeds that make up a “pit bull”, this book has been Very informative and easy to read with FanTastic photography.

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The Ides of March

My bone has liver treats inside and I love to lick them out and gnaw on the bone.  I can’t believe all of the new things I’ve gotten to try.  Mommy knew right away that I needed toys to play with, and I love to pull, and chase, and listen.

This is my ‘puppy’ KONG.  Mommy wasn’t sure what my teeth would be like so she got me a soft rubber one.  She puts these crunchy strips of food in there for ma and sometimes peanut butter too…(carrots or green beans).  Just recently she has been throwing it down the hall and I can HEAR it bonk bonk down the hall.  It doesn’t take too long for me to find it and bring it back to have it thrown again.  Mom has so much fun with me!  I never knew I could make someone so happy.

Happy Friday to you all!

Boo and Danielle

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..and now…some input from my boy….

I just wanted to make an appearance to remind you of how much I love all of you.  You made my mom feel stronger, while I was getting weaker.  However, my  smile is the one thing I want you to remember about me, the most.  My mom is finally smiling again.

Thank you all for building her up, when she felt down, and for reassuring her that I am running happily with SO many friendly dogs.  I knew that Mommy wasn’t going to be ready for another pet, and so I took my time trying to find just the right one for her.  How did I do?  I even picked a girl dog for her, so that she would have to laugh at herself every time she said “he” instead of “she”.  I’ll still be her first guy, and now Boo can be her first girl.  I’m watching with curiosity and glee, to see what Boo will do.  I am happy that Boo was brave enough to jump up AND even down on the big bed I claimed as my own, no longer a “guest bed”.  Mom and I took the BEST naps there, and I know that she’s been missing my company up there all by herself.  I saw her hugging my blanket, and I knew she would share it with Boo.  It’s in her crate.  Mommy has never had a pit bull, but I KNEW that this wasn’t going to matter to her, and that she would learn whatever she could to make sure that Boo was taken care of.  I’ve met some Great dogs here, and I learned more about different breeds than you can imagine.  I knew that they would make a great pair.

While I have your attention, I just wanted to let you know that Nitro and I are currently in charge of introducing all of the Tripawds to the rest of the gang and we’re ambassadors of all meet and greets to other beloved pets.  It’s a monthly gig, and we got picked for February.  We send kisses and our doggy cuddles to all of you!  Love, Gerry.



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“..a very small word..”

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Sunshine on our shoulders!




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