I’m hoping…

..that this will be the only summer I don’t have canine companionship.  I have already been to Ohio for one wedding, two funerals, (two of my uncles died this winter, and so we did a spreading of their ashes at the cemetery where my grandparents are) and a kick ass family reunion.  That is nothing I could have or would have wanted to do with Gerry feeling the way he did.  I have another vacation planned for July, and so again, I never wanted to leave him, even when he was fully healthy.  Even if it was my awesome neighbors, or the kennel with AC and private runs for him,that I found, I never felt ‘whole’, until I got home and got to see him.  It was a relief, not to have to worry about him being lonely or not understanding where we were.  Yes, I am that insane on the inside.  I hope everyone is out there having fun in the sun, although I don’t wish the crazy heat wave we just went through, on any of you!

About danielle

I am a rescue mom and school teacher. Gerry came to me from Texas, after he "failed" as a hunting dog. He had NOT had an easy life. I was three years divorced, and we saved each other. Last week I learned he has osteosarcoma. Our world feels upside down...while everyone else is right side up.
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4 Responses to I’m hoping…

  1. benny55 says:

    Not insane at all!!! We get it! Of course, you are surrounded by dog lovers who may not be considered very sane by the “others”! 😀 So if loving a dog this deeply is nuts, call me whacko nuts!🤣

    You’ve had quite an up amd down summer. Sorry to hear you lost two of your human family members. And also glad you got to have a kickass reunion!😁

    As you already know, Gerry has a dog …or TWO…picked out for you! 😎

    Lots of love

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. benny55 says:

    And yes, dogs are way to pure and enlightened to be human!

  3. dobemom says:

    Sorry for the loss’s you’ve had this summer. I, too, would never leave my dogs for vacation; my poor, underappreciated husband has to take time off work and stay home with them so I can take a week with my Tripawd girlfriends (including the famous benny55 – or Sally – real names

    I do hope Gerry has someone picked out for you to love – Nitro did a great job bringing me the Tiny Devil, to chase away my blues. As always, wishing you peace.

    Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

  4. danielle says:

    Sally and Paula,
    I am never going to KNOW ,until i understand how Gerry wants me to create at another “meet and greet” or “Lab Rescue”, or if he wants me to wander into a local shelter and find the dog that eases my heart, I won’t know until it happens, but the entire Tripawds Nation will know, because it will be a victory for GERRY BOY and myself…I will know, I hope. I have not stopped loving him with all my heart and soul.

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