You tell me…

Gerry had to leave me in September.  I lost track of keeping all things Gerry sacred, and his leash belonged outside and so it weathered this winter on top of an old hose holder.  The snow covered it for most of the season and so I didn’t ‘notice’ it.

Now that spring has thawed everything out, I find myself looking at this 12  foot lead that my dog walkers gave me when they met Gerry 7 years ago.  It has a LOT of knots in it, to step on, to stop him from running too far ahead of us.

It looks like a snake that couldn’t take it in the desert anymore and found respite on y porch.  It never Once broke, although I let go of it many a time when I couldn’t keep up with him.  Can you see how very red it used to be?

Answer me this….WHAT am I to with this beloved piece of leash that my boy had since day one of Leashes taking care of him…?  I am TIRED of being blindsided by hurt.

I thin=I ‘ll get a memory box of sorts and include this; I can NOT throw it away!  I buried him with his collar and tags, because it didn’t t look like him without them around his neck.  But this leash isn’t something I ever considered or noticed all fall, but now that I have an EMPTY spring…I really ‘saw’ the leash.

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Hands are to pet with and…

(Maurice Sendak)

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It’s really all that is left to be said…

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Beautiful day

Simmer down, Calvin.  Summer vacation is almost here.  I do feel your pain though, which is why I posted this to Tripawds.  All of us want to be out doing something else (with our dogs, preferably.)  It’s only Tuesday and you’re losing your mind.  Chill little Calvin, chill.  School is ALMOST over.

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It’s also full of the quiet huff of a dog panting to catch the prey. It’s also the silent knot in my chest throbbing when I think of trying to do this again.  To put my heart on the line.

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