Sleepy boy…

Gerry hopes you all have a holiday of happiness tomorrow.  Eat enough turkey to take a nap.  (He loved this couch at my parents house and would fall asleep in the corner all the time.  I am SO going to miss him… being at my parents house without me.  Six years of memories await…

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LAST Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2016 was the first time my mom showed me how to “do” Thanksgiving.  Her little boy, Ralph, a Tennessee rescue, and Gerry were also VERY interested! Look at Gerry’s tail in the last photograph!  This year we’re RI bound.

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one of the few things I miss….

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..just browsing through photos…

…and I found this picture from the first trip Gerry took to RI.  He’d never experienced a screened in porch and l-0-v-E-d, loved it.

The yellow birdbath was also near bird feeders, which brought SQUIRRELS! Gerry sat, mesmerized at the lawn full of critters, and this moment is when he finally stood up, as if to say, “Mom, can we go out there?” which is why I’m smiling.

My dad, Gerry, and me in Westerly, Rhode Island.  My home state, and home which I lived in since I was ten years old.  Those are my dad’s sexy knees to the right which I’ve proudly inherited!


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I have a strong feeling…

..that Gerry has ruined me for any other breed.  David confessed he felt similarly…I just Can’t let myself expect that similarities will be rediscovered….and remind myself that each dog is an individual.  However, I just can’t see myself with another breed of dog, if it’s not a Lab…Let life play a trick on me,  I’m ready for that too, are you kidding me?!

I’m a realist.  I  loved some of Gerry’s gentle ways despite his size…the way he would act like a cat and bat a tennis ball around with his front paw(s), while lying on his back….or how he would LOVE to catch tennis balls down the hall and in the kitchen when it was too rainy or snowy to go outside.   All this being said..I just love dogs.

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