…my boy…..

As I’ve been looking through ALL of my photos of my boy, I noticed something I hadn’t before.  His first photos, showed a panic expression in his eyes….I hadn’t really noticed it until now….when all his photos have different looks in his eyes.

Here is a photo of him doing what he LOVED to do the most on the weekends when I was home!

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2011 First fall with Gerry and my two young neighbor girls, Cait and Sam

I adopted Gerry in the spring, and we had the summer, and then the fall brought dog walkers and a crate more often…which he didn’t mind at all.  Sam is the younger of the two; she is the daughter I never had.  Her older sister Caitlin, was the one I wanted to set an independent example for when I moved in next door.  YOU do NOT need a man…..a dog eventually, but not a man necessarily.


Samantha (now a senior in HS and Caitlin, now 22 and working a full time.

This was taken the first fall I had Ger….2011…



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It’s “Europe Messes with Indigenous Americans’ Day” on Monday!

I didn’t present it that way to my students, but I hope everyone here has a sense of humor. My mother is part Native American, and so…I feel like I can get away with it here.  If nothing else, we’ve all gained a larger sense of humor when it comes to life and our pets. Happy fall, y’all!



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It’s nice,,,

..and sad when you don’t. It’s getting into fall, and I am realizing how much we both depended on each other for “snug time” warmth. I miss whispering everything int his ear.

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Just some pictures from two autumns ago…I know because of the paws…

Gerry looking out his window, in three different shots.  The bed WAS a “guest bedroom” bed, but it quickly became his, as he could look out over all of “the land” each and every day.

Now, when I sleep in his bed, or just lay there for a bit, I am looking over where he is buried.



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