I have had scads of books given to me since Gerry left me, and I have accepted them with brokenhearted smiles and know that they come from the best of intentions, and even, good advice.  I have needed books to read to get myself to sleep this fall/early winter, but I have rediscovered a book I bought and never did read this last September right when Gerry was diagnosed.

I bought it, because I was going to see a singer, Neko Case, a very melodic female with opinions and ideas all well supported by me.  She is a HUGE animal lover~ especially dogs.  I was getting to see her in concert and had simultaneously found out that she’d written the ‘Forward’ for this book My Old Dog: Rescued Pets with Remarkable Second Acts”. It was a local venue that I was to see her at, and I’d half hoped she’d come out back and and I could get it signed….She didn’t, and the book wound up on a shelf in Gerry’s room, forgotten about as I has a Dog Cancer Survival book to pay more attention to.

Well, in a fit of desperation for something ELSE to read this fall, I came across it again recently, and although the theme was dogs, I gave it a second glance because it wasn’t about dog loss, it was about second chances.  It was written by Laura T. Coffey and includes fantabulous photographs by Lori Fusaro.

As I originally stated, I bought the book for the ‘Foreword’ by Ms Case, and it still remains a very good reason to buy the book alone.  However, the stories, read so easily that you feel like you know the person telling the story.  This, I believe is due to the placement and choice of photographs that are sprinkled throughout the book, and make you want to own the dogs yourself!

The reason I write this though, is that this book has been a very helpful distraction from the loss I  have felt for the past year or so.  A yellow Lab from Texas, Gerry and I saved each other from two different experiences that had been happening for the past three years of our loves, and we both needed rescuing!  We spent six years bonding and healing.  He gave me a new purpose in life to drive places and take walks.  He had a happy passage this fall to a cancer free world, but I’ve missed him dearly, to say the very least.

This book not only takes my mind off my own sadness ,it also inspires me to do some of the things mentioned in the reading.  Senior dogs in shelters sounds too heartbreaking to even say out loud…and yet they are out there also.


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if it looks like I’m not paying attention….

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The more I see adorable pictures of this canine relative, the more I think I’ll adopt one of these next.  I could love a foxy-foxerten, and I know we have some wild ones on the property.

And then I see THIS, and all bets are off! (Plus he’s an LL Beaner!)  I think he’s a Golden though…and my Lab Love had enough hair that shed…so we’ll see.  I still find it highly romantic to have a fox family to visit in the woods!

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Thinking of each Other

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“Beautiful Boy” (Yoko)

“….Before you go to sleep
Say a little prayer
Every day in every way, it’s getting better and better…”

I love you baby boy.  I miss kissing you to sleep each night.  I miss sleeping with you.

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