Okay, Chipmunks…

…don’t start getting it in your head that another dog isn’t on the way.  You enjoy your summer of leisure, but don’t get any ideas next spring!  There might just be someone else around that drive you up the tree!

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Pizza Bones

After 27 years in the education system, I KNOW what we’re having for hot lunch on Friday.


It’s like some informal law, stemming from Catholicism, (I highly suspect).

Today, being Friday, also happened to be a “professional development” day in which students leave at 11:35, and then teachers get the pleasure of going to pointless meetings until 3:00.  When they go to lunch, I am to stay with them although I usually did anyway.

MONTHS ago,  I told them how I would save pizza crusts for Gerry, and called them ‘pizza bones’.  Today, when I ate with them, several students told me that when they eat the crust of their slice of pizza, they ‘toast’ Gerry by declaring that they’re eating it for him.  All of the bones in my body almost turned liquid.  I was stunned by their sentimentalism for me….as well as for Gerry, who they’ve only seen pictures and heard stories of this year.

It’s the nicest tribute to  my boy, ever.  Third graders.   Who would’ve thunk it?


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Our place

This winter one of my dead trees fell down, doing no damage, thankfully.  It was to the left of this picture originally, and the gnarled body remains.  Gerry is buried right in back of the log, where I hope to find some sun-loving perennials to plant.  The little red maple is from my home in RI, where my father took care of it, for over 8 years.  It was a volunteer from a Mother’s Day tree from 1982!  We called the original, still thriving, “Toby’s Tree” named after our Maltese puppy, second dog, who loved to sit under it and watch the sunset.  I was so honored to be able to plant it next to Gerry.

I also got a new bird house and hung a solar lamp from it.

The chimes to the right are from my brother, a few birthday’s ago.  My next plan is to plant some crawly type of flowers inside the log, as there is a big hollow space on the left hand side, ( There’s a dead Mum plant from September still in there now.)

This was the hous ewith BIG yard that I bought after my divorce, knowing I would have a dog someday.  Too bad Gerry did most of his “business” and playing, in the three adjoining yards to the left which also had dogs. His only interest in his OWN yard were the deer that he would chase to the tree line!  I learned what ‘ “face plant” was when he first saw one!  Oh you crazy boy! Mommy is thinking of you.

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What makes us suffer…

Which is why I wonder why God gave me a head and heart that don’t understand this reality, yet also made me a dog lover at the same time.  It feels like a cruel joke lately.

I dipped my toes into the pool of finding a new rescue.  Chardonnay at midnight will do that I suppose. I went so far as to inquire about an elderly Lab mix, who stayed by her owners side until he passed away.  I woke up in the morning, full of mixed emotions.  The house is not ready.  I don’t know if I’m really ready, although I WANT to be …we have two out of state vacations planned for the summer, and suddenly it didn’t feel like the right move at all.  Thankfully petfinder.org sent me a direct link to be in touch with the shelter before they contacted me.  I explained as well as I could, my dilemma.  As it turns out, Beau (her name) had a brother too, and there was no way I would have been ready for two new babies or would ever separate them.  They are in a foster home, not a shelter, out in Tennessee.  I’m, supposing they were going to drive him east, to a sister foster home in Connecticut, because that was where petfinders had her linked.  I told the woman I would like to make a donation at the least, and she was above and beyond grateful.  Sigh.  My soul was able to relax a little.

Lesson learned…and knowledge gained.  There are Always going to be dogs who need a loving home, and when I’ve built it back up again, I will gladly let another in.

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Since you’re gone…

…the moonlight ain’t so great”

The Cars.

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