“Listen the snow is falling …”

Gerry’s new sapling, and tree house, on this the first day of snow.  He LOVED the snow falling softly, like today, our first snow.  He would run around like it was a “brand new world”.  Everything was new!  He made me feel like a child.  Now I have no excuse! 🙂


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December is here…

…but the cold weather is on and off, in and out.  I wish Mother Nature had been left to her own devices.  I was lucky to get my bird baths in, and my weeds pulled out with the crazy weather.  My students are INSANE because December is here and the commercials they hear on TV get them crazy pumped up!  I hope they won’t be to disappointed when they are told my gift to them is a 1/2 years subscription of “Scholastic News”: magazine and online subscription, but I know what I’ m doing!  They’ll love it.

When I was in RI for Thanksgiving, my father gave me a tree sapling from “Toby’s tree”.  Toby was a Maltese.  He was the first dog my family all decided on after we had moved into our new home in 1980. That Mother’s Day my father bought my mom a Japanese Red Maple Tree.  As it slowly grew, so did Toby.  He loved to lie under that tree and stare, fall asleep, and enjoy his life.  After many years, the tree sprang a volunteer, and my Dad put it in a warm/safe place.  It has been at least 8 more years SINCE then, that the slow growing maple has turned into a strong sapling.  David and I brought it to NY from RI this Thanksgiving and got it into the ground in the nick of time! We planted it next to Gerry’s spot and the new bird house, and when I got home yesterday, I noticed my neighbor had put solar Christmas lights on my Charlie Brown tree.  It’s precious! I can see it from so many windows of my house! My neighbors rock!


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I miss you, b0y. I miss you SO much…

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I still have two blankets that smell like Gerry.  One is a polar fleece that Caitlin bought him last fall, and the other is a sofa couch ‘protector’, that Truly smells like him.

I am lying here wrapped up in his polar fleece blanket, because it is comforting in many ways.  I’ve been singing this Cars song in my head for the past hour or so, and am going to try and find it on YouTube.  It’s all I can hear….


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Thanksgiving was bittersweet.

It was wonderful to hug my father and mother and feel the squeeze of LOVE from both of them in my childhood home.  My brother and sister in law were there also.  Little Ralph came running like crazy outside when we pulled in the driveway, and hopped in the mini-van as we were getting out, as if he was looking for something, which He NEVER has done before.  He hopped in the front door and went to the passenger side where I had just been, but was already out of the car.  When he saw me from the window, he jumped out of the driver side  and he attacked me with kisses (as if Gerry had commissioned him to do so), upon my arrival.  At least that’s how it felt.  I was surprised by his excited reaction to see me.  Maybe he was just glad I didn’t have that “big dog” with me.  Regardless, i was glad for dog attention.  My mother spoiled all of us with our favorite dishes and I feel blessed once again to have a family to go to, and share with David.  I found myself choking up or getting bleary eyed at times, but mostly it was a good visit without too many tears.

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