Last September,

My creative and caring principal gave us all a late summer homework project; take a picture of yourself reading for the Back to School bulletin board in the main entrance.  Well, Dave and I had just gotten back from a trip and so I read Gerry some of Mary Oliver’s poems from her book, Dog Songs.  We made the year book!

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Berries for all; and black and raspberries THIS Sunday!!!

Gerry and I are on our way to Rhinebeck this weekend!

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…reading, shopping, cooking, breathing….

Mom has been doing a lot of reading lately.  We’ve been to the farmer’s market and twice already, and I think she may take me again this weekend.  Fresh berries are in season, and the anti-oxidants in them are good for all of us.  Plus! How many foods do we eat that are blue?  They MUST be good.

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RIGHT before “the Fourth”…

…and so we escaped to Rhode Island; the place of my childhood.  Gerry has always loved my parents and their home.  They have a screened-in porch that lets him see EVERYTHING!  It was nice to sleep in my old bedroom and have my mom to talk with.  She also made sure we had an at-home lobstah-dinna!  If you’re not a New Englander, you may not understand, but that’s okay.  I’ll gladly introduce anyone to Rhode Island, the smallest state in the union with the nicest, most Genuine people.


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..when he finally got comfortable enough to sleep that first night…..

My biggest concerns back then was that he would be gentle with my neighbor’s children.  He became each of their best friend in a different way.  My brother had told me that his “elbows” were scarred and fur-bare becasue he must’ve been on concrete most of his 3 years.  He HATED the pouring rain when he first came to me, so I believe there must be some truth that.

He has scars on the inside of his ears that I dare not imagine how they got there, although my vet had an idea.  Gerry boy came to me at 3, we think….does he look 3 in this picture?


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