It’s really all that is left to be said…

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Beautiful day

Simmer down, Calvin.  Summer vacation is almost here.  I do feel your pain though, which is why I posted this to Tripawds.  All of us want to be out doing something else (with our dogs, preferably.)  It’s only Tuesday and you’re losing your mind.  Chill little Calvin, chill.  School is ALMOST over.

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It’s also full of the quiet huff of a dog panting to catch the prey. It’s also the silent knot in my chest throbbing when I think of trying to do this again.  To put my heart on the line.

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“…..I am the swift up lifting rush /Of quiet birds…”

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It was the day we met this month, but just couldn’t acknowledge it.

This is the face that I will miss this summer, while sitting on the front porch.  I still have the rug, but it won’t be the same.

It is Sunday.

It is the worst day of the week, as I still wake up on Sundays thinking he’s waiting for me, and he’s not…obviously.

That doesn’t happen so often these weekends, although this morning I had a need to go lay down from 7-8:30 and fall back asleep in out bedroom.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day and David and I will probably go visit his father (WWII Vet) at the cemetery…something Gerry and I used to do spontaneously.  We want to get rid of the winter and put some red, white, and blue flowers.

Summer begins.

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