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Thinking of each Other

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“Beautiful Boy” (Yoko)

“….Before you go to sleep Say a little prayer Every day in every way, it’s getting better and better…” I love you baby boy.  I miss kissing you to sleep each night.  I miss sleeping with you.

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What NOT many people understand:

Gerry spontaneously made me laugh, like in this photo.  I miss the smell of his familiar  fur fragrance with the spontaneity of moments like these. He also made me feel better by randomly putting his chin or paw on my … Continue reading

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“Human Resources”

I was an English major, and although I’m sure, I think this is an oxymoronic JOB! You can not be humane and ask me about the absences I’ve taken since m dog died. By the way, I have over 200 … Continue reading

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Winter’s here, but you are not.

It’s SOOO cold outside Gerry boy; I’m half glad that you’re not having to deal with these low temperatures.  I think I was picking ticks off of you this time last year! Mother Nature is making up for the last … Continue reading

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