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I am a rescue mom and school teacher. Gerry came to me from Texas, after he "failed" as a hunting dog. He had NOT had an easy life. I was three years divorced, and we saved each other. Last week I learned he has osteosarcoma. Our world feels upside down...while everyone else is right side up.

Gerry is a dog, that I will never have again I accept this. Like George, Richard, and Paul had to accept the loss of John back when I was in 8th grade. Still, my guitar gently weeps. I will never … Continue reading

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I’m hoping…

..that this will be the only summer I don’t have canine companionship.  I have already been to Ohio for one wedding, two funerals, (two of my uncles died this winter, and so we did a spreading of their ashes at … Continue reading

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Summer vacation is here, but you are not…

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I haven’t made…

…mashed sweet potatoes since September. I just couldn’t smell them, didn’t even want to look at them in the produce department. Tonight, however, I picked one up to mash with a left over meal from last night. I hadn’t noticed, … Continue reading

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What I have left…physically.

Sigh. After finding the red leash, I began to wonder what other mementos I have left over.  I’ve already written how I couldn’t take his collar off him, as it didn’t look like him without it. I have a bandana, … Continue reading

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