I don’t know if I’ve mentioned…

When I call Gerry “my boy”, I mean it in the MOST sincerest of ways. I don’t recall if I’ve ever mentioned it, but I don’t have any children of my own.  (I think it makes me ABLE to be a public school teacher…but that’s anther story.) He had a REALLY GOOD day today.  Can you see his tail in motion?

I don’t know if I’ve ever written that I knew, at an early age, that just I didn’t really want to have children of “my own”, despite enjoying them.  I just knew.  In the late 1980’s that wasn’t a popular or “believable” response, when you were asked.  I (am proud to say) always stayed true to myself and my strong belief.

Thus!  When I reached age 43, sadly had to leave my husband and was divorced, YET still teaching, and finally found a house that a dog would love, was delayed a year due to bunion surgery, I found Gerry online, (we saved each other) and he became “my boy”.

Every decision I have to make lately makes me more aware that people don’t understand that he is my boy. 

About danielle

I am a rescue mom and school teacher. Gerry came to me from Texas, after he "failed" as a hunting dog. He had NOT had an easy life. I was three years divorced, and we saved each other. Last week I learned he has osteosarcoma. Our world feels upside down...while everyone else is right side up.
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2 Responses to I don’t know if I’ve mentioned…

  1. dobemom says:

    I, too, made the unpopular decision in the late 80’s not to have human children….my fur kids have always been my “kids” and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Love the happy pic of Gerry!

    Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

  2. jerry says:

    Just wanna say welcome to the club in more ways than one! We (Admin Guy and I) have also been committed to being human-childfree since the day we met 22 years ago. Like you, I always knew that being a mom to a human kid wasn’t for me, even as a teenager. But pets? Dogs? Oh yeah, bring ’em on! You’re in great company. We totally understand.

    Gerry’s swishy tail is just darling! Glad things are good.

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