MORE ticks! Be aware..

Uck and ugh!  I know that ticks are going to be bad this spring/summer, as they’re already going crazy.  I literally felt the “ouch” of one biting me behind my knee! I got it out with some YL TeaTree essential oil and a Q-tip.  That killed it, and then tweezers got the whole thing out. Some oregano and lavender oil after that and it was not stinging or itchy.   Gerry, ALSO, has a questionable rash and ring on his inner groin area that showed up this afternoon, after the tick I found earlier this week.  We have a 10:00 appointment to get the area looked at.  Let’s just hope it’s a rash and not Lymes.  Cuz he needs that, too!

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Gerry’s new ride!

Well, no more SUV for Gerry boy, but I think this will be better for him (and the environment I hope)  in the future, not to mention I’m not interested in another one myself.  I was able to find this 2014 Subaru Forester with less than 7,000 miles on it (as it was used as the dealer’s loaner car when people had service done to their cars.)  I got VERY lucky, and continue to count ALL of my blessings!

Coming up is a very important check up for Gerry.  April 24th we’ll find out what his insides have to say via blood work and x-rays.  Keep your paws crossed!

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Spring is here, and Mom has the dead ticks to prove it! Ech!

And I love the sun!

Yesterday was a Monday, and my first Monday not at school in a while.  Apring break has come in like a lamb, and blown in some cool breezes to dry all of the rain that the upper east coast got over the last few weeks (thankfully as my well was probably very low after last summer and this dry fall.  Finally I can flush the toilet without feeling too guilty.  (My brother has it WAY worse though…ha to have a new well drilled…but finally problem solved!)

I haven’t written in a few weeks, as I had some human problems to take care of.  That being hinted at, I’m off to look for a new/used car today.  It was a terrible, but I walked away kind of accident, after work.  Thank goodness Gerry wasn’t with me.  All is well, and getting better all the time.  I had a Santa Fe, but am going to look for a Forester this time, so it will be even easier to get into in the future.  He’s just tired of being in a mini-van that I’m lucky enough to have to drive. No real stability for him.  I get it.  I will let the Tripawds nation know when Gerry gets his new car!


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something i wrote there soon after Gerry came to me….

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Good boys eat ALL their dinner!

Look at that tail go!  Who knew that mashed sweet potatoes could be so tempting?!  A Nor-Easter has hit parts of the east coast today.  They announced the cancelling of school today, yesterday as we were walking through the halls for dismissal.  Happy students and teachers all around!  This is a SERIOUS storm though.  I have a foot already, and more on the way!  Gerry was a Lucky Boy and found a pine tree to shelter himself while he went out this morning, but he’ll need some man-made help by this afternoon.  The snow blower will make him a nice path!

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