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What a great birthday! I’m pooped.

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It’s my birthday!!!

It was six years ago that I was able to pick Gerry up.  I had met him exactly one week earlier at a meet and greet event.  I told his CT. foster mom to give me one week to get a crate, rugs, bowls, and I’d be ready.  We met at an Applebee’s parking lot, and then I got lucky enough to take him to my house, which he helped me turn into the home I’d been waiting for.  Another chapter in both of our lives.  They believed he was three at the time, based on tooth size, and so big boy is NINE years old today!  It’s a little chilly outside, but he loves to sit on the front porch.  Tonight, a yummy dinner!


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Congratulations my boy, you hit the three month mark since chemo!

I was thinking today, in terms of “this year” and I realized that 2017 doesn’t mark “this year” for me. September 12th does, and our journey into this brand new world.  Now seven months later, we’ve reached the point where Gerry has been cancer free for three months. Those beautiful brown eyes looking at me as if I knew the answers to the world.  Those eyes that ask questions I’ve learned to understand.  Those eyes that didn’t let me know you were in such pain.  Those eyes that I’ll never not pay enough attention to again.


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MORE ticks! Be aware..

Uck and ugh!  I know that ticks are going to be bad this spring/summer, as they’re already going crazy.  I literally felt the “ouch” of one biting me behind my knee! I got it out with some YL TeaTree essential oil and a Q-tip.  That killed it, and then tweezers got the whole thing out. Some oregano and lavender oil after that and it was not stinging or itchy.   Gerry, ALSO, has a questionable rash and ring on his inner groin area that showed up this afternoon, after the tick I found earlier this week.  We have a 10:00 appointment to get the area looked at.  Let’s just hope it’s a rash and not Lymes.  Cuz he needs that, too!

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