Thinking of each Other

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“Beautiful Boy” (Yoko)

“….Before you go to sleep
Say a little prayer
Every day in every way, it’s getting better and better…”

I love you baby boy.  I miss kissing you to sleep each night.  I miss sleeping with you.

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What NOT many people understand:

Gerry spontaneously made me laugh, like in this photo.  I miss the smell of his familiar  fur fragrance with the spontaneity of moments like these.

He also made me feel better by randomly putting his chin or paw on my leg while we sat on the couch.

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“Human Resources”

I was an English major, and although I’m sure, I think this is an oxymoronic JOB!

You can not be humane and ask me about the absences I’ve taken since m dog died.

By the way, I have over 200 sick days banked.  Why?  I was younger, healthier, and didn’t have a baby!

As soon as you go above 10 sick days HR sends you a letter in NY state public education.

I have the maximum of 200 days free.  Why are yo looking for “a pattern ” now?

I’m older.

I never had children.

LEAVE me alone.


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Winter’s here, but you are not.

It’s SOOO cold outside Gerry boy; I’m half glad that you’re not having to deal with these low temperatures.  I think I was picking ticks off of you this time last year! Mother Nature is making up for the last You would NEVER have wanted to do ‘big business’ with these wind chill factors, and I wouldn’t have blamed you.  I’ve missed you these past few days.  School got cancelled for 2 days and we could’ve had snow days together.  Instead of getting to take naps with you, your blanket had to suffice…and it only made me sad…I wasn’t even sleepy.  I just wanted to pet you and look out the window until we DID get drowsy and take that nap.  I miss the sound of your breathing putting me to sleep.  Good night, big boy.

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