I think he’s dreaming about being a squirrel!

Look at this boy!  So cozy!  Do you think it could be because he ate his first hamburger with us, for dinner tonight?  I couldn’t resist after 6 years.  We had a few friends over, and so many extra burgers. Plus he was SO polite and good while we ate, that I had to! He got so much love from our guests that it wore him out!

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…and now this…too perfect….

SO!  This will be my summer of love and attention with Gerry because I thankfully was able to save enough that I didn’t have to work this summer off from teaching.  Summer of love and walking and outdoor activities, and what not….but, THIS was not what I planned…

Thankfully it was my left leg, and nothing is broken, merely sprained.  (“Merely a flesh wound” via Monty Python) I have the spirit of a 12 year old (and the body of an almost 49 year old) and was running out of the house with Gerry for some fun, and slipped on my step/turn going down to the next step, and that it was it.  An easy enough sprain to do, and have actually done before.

My podiatrist should be on my speed dial.  I had bunion surgery in the summer of 2010, thanks to paternal genetics and excruciating pain.  The moral of that story is:  Bunion surgery is NOT always a bad thing.  I had to delay my dog adoption for an extra summer due to it.  Although it originally broke my heart; it brought me GERRY!  Three years in my house alone and he was thought to be three years old, and so we truly rescued each other.

After that original surgery I sprained the SAME foot the day after Memorial Day, and missed my first field day @ school.  Gerry was with me for that, and we managed, as we will this time.


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Happy boy

Mom went away for the afternoon and night this week, and my dog walker/girlfriends took care of me.  Here’s a picture they sent Mom while she was away.  It made her happy , I think.

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No better love than rescue love.


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Head on!

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